Virtual Private Cloud + Dedicated Resources

The Best of Both Worlds

Dedicated Resources take your Oasis Virtual Private Cloud one step further by providing allocated, dedicated resources for the workloads that need it. Get the control and performance you need in key areas while still enjoying the flexibility and cost savings in others. VPC with Dedicated Resources sets you up to maximize security, performance, and access control.

Elevate VPC with Oasis 'Bare Metal' Servers

Many legacy applications and mission-critical workloads have unique requirements that may need dedicated hardware in order to optimize. For these, Oasis provides dedicated resources to manage the most challenging workloads—consistent cost and performance guaranteed.

Dedicated Storage


  • Dedicated IOPS. Read/write speed dedicated to single tenant.
  • Isolate network traffic between storage and hosts.
  • Client-managed access control. Manage folders/shares and their associated logs.
  • Encryption. Own and manage your encryption keys.
  • Customization. Client-specified storage types: Flash, hybrid, etc., to get the advanced settings you need.

Ideal For

  • Applications that require block storage devices
  • Advanced server configurations
  • Maximized efficiency—file deduplication, block folding, thin provisioning, and other advanced data compression benefits
nimble storage

Dedicated Compute


  • Absolute control. Complete control over processing and memory resources.
  • Multi-tenancy. Control the Hypervisor layer, customize, and provision new virtual servers.
  • Physical access. For workloads that require hardware keys or licensing components.

Ideal For

  • Always-on applications that are not a fit for shared servers
  • High CPU/GPU/RAM requirements
  • Legacy applications with unique requirements

How Do Oasis Dedicated Resources Work?

Dedicated hardware is fully integrated into a client's virtual private network (VLAN). This allows administrators greater access and control on dedicated components, while still enjoying the benefits of the Oasis Virtual Private Cloud.

dedicated resources cloud


Physical resources such as physical security, power, network hardware, and ISP services are shared among tenants. Dedicated Storage and Host Servers are physically isolated and reserved for the client.


Individual tenants are virtually isolated into their own private (VLAN) network.


  • Performance. Oasis provides load balancing, performance monitoring, and resource management to ensure servers are fast and readily available.
  • Security. Oasis Security monitors for cyber threats and provides managed detection and response 24/7/365.
  • Disaster Recovery. Oasis ensures backups are running and that everything is going according to the BC/DR plan.

2-Hour Response 24/7/365

Advanced Remote Hands

Oasis IT professionals are inside our data centers every day to service our cloud environments. We offer an Advanced Remote Hands service that extends beyond the routine tasks typical hands services provide, which gives Oasis clients more flexibility, insight, and control over their data center resources. From shipping and receiving to racking and cabling—we do it all.


  • Racking servers and network gear
  • Equipment setup and configuration
  • Installation, moving, adding, adjustments, and deinstallation
  • Inside cabling
  • Data center tours and escorts

Shipping & Receiving

  • Arrival coordination, unpacking, inspection, testing, and equipment installation
  • Media handling with portable hard drive receipts, tracking, and drive mapping
  • Robust logging system including chain of custody and tracking logs


  • Real-time collaboration with client to resolve critical issues
  • Physical inspections to assess equipment status
  • Power cycling and reboots
data center cabling

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