Private Cloud

Full Isolation, Full Control

The Oasis Private Cloud delivers fully dedicated hardware in a single-tenant, physically isolated environment. It offers all the peace-of-mind provided by the Oasis Cloud, plus the additional control that full isolation affords. Choose the Oasis Private Cloud to comply with the strictest privacy standards, set extremely granular access controls, and reach the inner workings of your infrastructure.


Physically isolated

Advanced encryption

Cabinet access

Predictable cost

Audit and compliance

Hypervisor control


Separated infrastructure for additional protection

Client-managed encryption keys for ultimate compliance

Access to your servers at any time

Forecast your budget with absolute certainty

Additional access to configuration and access logs

Enhanced control over resource allocation and virtualization options

Compliance in the Cloud

Complying with strict standards for privacy and other regulated forms of information can be accomplished in both Oasis Virtual Private Clouds and Private Clouds. Our single-tenant solution does, however, provide additional control and visibility into the supporting infrastructure: network firewalls, switches, storage devices, and hypervisor hosts. This level of access gives clients the additional insight they need when assuring regulators that the environment is properly configured and secured.

Oasis is here to guide clients in the design, implementation, and configuration of their cloud, equipping them with:

  • Policy and procedure mapping to specific frameworks
  • Curated toolkit of technologies that complement ISMS controls
  • Facilitation of third-party audits and questionnaires
  • Auditing, monitoring, and training
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How Does an Oasis Private Cloud Work?

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Oasis provisions dedicated infrastructure such as power, network hardware (firewalls, switches), storage devices, and host servers to a single-tenant. Cabinet and dedicated ISP are optional.


Individual tenants are physically isolated into their own private network. All access control is driven by client policy and procedures.


  • Performance. Oasis provides load balancing, performance monitoring, and resource management to ensure servers are fast and readily available.
  • Security. Oasis Security monitors for cyber threats and provides managed detection and response 24/7/365.
  • Disaster Recovery. Oasis ensures backups are running and that everything is going according to the BC/DR plan.
  • Encryption. The client manages their encryption keys.

Support and Management

The Oasis Advantage

We stand behind the environments we build. We work hand-in-hand with our client's internal IT, security, and compliance functions to ensure the VPC solution we created and customized is meeting everyone's expectations. The following is included with every cloud deployment:

Performance Optimization

Our expertise, experience, and persistence always meets or exceeds manufacturer benchmarks.


Oasis configures your cloud to ensure the proper controls are in place for maintaining security and access control.

Hardware Management

Whether it's replacing faulty equipment, applying the latest patch, or troubleshooting with the manufacturer, we'll take care of it.

O/S Maintenance

We stay on top of the latest vulnerabilities and implement critical patches at the O/S layer.

Application Maintenance

Updates and maintenance on critical applications can be managed by Oasis.

Resource Monitoring

The Oasis team keeps a close eye on resource utilization and performance so you have what you need—today and tomorrow.

Redundancy and Active DR

Backup and BC/DR plans are implemented and maintained by us to make sure all runs smoothly.

Access Control

Oasis monitors and tracks all user activity using MFA, biometrics, logs, and more, all according to client-driven access control protocols.

Incident Response

If a situation should ever arise, Oasis provides breach mitigation and management.

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2-Hour Response 24/7/365

Advanced Remote Hands

Oasis IT professionals are inside our data centers every day to service our cloud environments. We offer an Advanced Remote Hands service that extends beyond the routine tasks typical hands services provide, which gives Oasis clients more flexibility, insight, and control over their data center resources. From shipping and receiving to racking and cabling—we do it all.


  • Racking servers and network gear
  • Equipment setup and configuration
  • Installation, moving, adding, adjustments, and deinstallation
  • Inside cabling
  • Data center tours and escorts

Shipping & Receiving

  • Arrival coordination, unpacking, inspection, testing, and equipment installation
  • Media handling with portable hard drive receipts, tracking, and drive mapping
  • Robust logging system including chain of custody and tracking logs


  • Real-time collaboration with client to resolve critical issues
  • Physical inspections to assess equipment status
  • Power cycling and reboots
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