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Tired of outdated technology, complicated IT requirements, and long term commitments? We can help with that. Choose from our collection of the highest-rated eDiscovery applications–all available on-demand, pay-as-you-go, and fully integrated in an easy, single sign-on portal. Whether our software suite serves as a comprehensive, outsourced solution or simply complements your existing software, we’ll help you work with the best tool for your project.

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Support & Training

Oasis is a team of industry veterans that have years of experience building, managing, and enhancing legal technology. Our Suite of Technology team specializes in vetting and procuring the best in legal technology, then provides you with training, how-to videos, and a monthly email full of resources that highlight the best of each application. In addition to our tech and eDiscovery experts, we have seasoned security professionals, sales support, and an IT team standing behind you every step of the way.

Everything Under One Roof

Meet Lexi, every eDiscovery manager’s best friend. Manage costs, monitor activity, and keep everything under control by putting Lexi in the center of your day-to-day operation. Here’s what Lexi can do for you:

• Dashboards. Real-time statistics to help manage your costs and monitor performance.
• Support. Submit support tickets to Oasis for troubleshooting, advice, or simply an extra hand.
• File Transfer. Manage file transfers through a secure site you control.
• Knowledge Base. Documentation, workflow videos, and how-to guides for all software applications we support.

Meet Our Software Partners


Review | Analytics & Predictive Coding | Processing & ECA

The Relativity platform is widely considered the industry's gold-standard for document review, data processing, analysis and production. Relativity's battle-tested review platform is flexible, scalable, and reliable–key attributes in today's highly demanding legal environment. Learn more about Relativity Review.

More Information: www.relativity.com

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Analytics & Predictive Coding

Brainspace analytics sits at the core of the Oasis platform providing near duplicate analysis, email threading, related document clustering, and powerful visualizations to explore data for hidden pockets of relevant material. Brainspace is also a leader in the area of predictive coding and continuous active learning. Learn more on the Brainspace website.

More Information: www.Brainspace.com

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H5 Matter Analytics

Analytics & Predictive Coding

Accelerate review, evaluate the quality and composition of your productions, and know more faster with H5 Matter Analytics, the Relativity-integrated solution to assist you in creating efficiencies and managing workflow–all with the ability to preview results before making a purchase decision. Learn more on the H5 website.

More Information: www.H5.com

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Relativity Plugin

Veritone provides the ability to cost-effectively manage and analyze large amounts of audio and video. Search, review, and produce redacted audio using Veritone transcription and leverage the power of Veritone's multiple AI platforms for machine translation, facial recognition, and other visual pattern matching requirements. Learn more on the Veritone website.

More Information: www.Veritone.com

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Relativity Plugin

Blackout is a redaction tool for Relativity that automatically redacts and highlights documents based on criteria you specify. In addition to automatically redacting keywords, Blackout can be used to identify information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers and other personally identifiable information (PII). Learn more about Blackout.

More Information: www.Relativity.com/Blackout

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Analytics & Predictive Coding

NexLP is an emerging technology in the space of Technology Assisted Review. By using sentiment analysis and other document properties to weave together a storyline within data, NexLP’s predictive coding tool, Cosmic, represents the next generation in continuous active learning protocols. Learn more on the NexLP website.

More Information: www.NexLP.com

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Processing & ECA

Nuix is widely regarded as the industry’s most efficient and most scalable processing platform. Fast, accurate, and low cost of ownership make Nuix a go-to application for today’s largest projects. Learn more on the Nuix website.

More Information: www.Nuix.com



Identify patterns in millions of documents. With incredible accuracy, ayfie trains on large datasets to find similar concepts in document collections. This is done by using a combination of machine learning and linguistics. Learn more about ayfie.

More Information: www.ayfie.com

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X1 Distributed Discovery


X1 is a “left-side” eDiscovery toolkit that provides advanced functionality for enterprise search, legal hold, data preservation, and collection. X1 is a popular choice with corporate legal departments looking for an integrated solution with ECA and review. Learn more on the X1 website.

More Information: www.X1.com

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X1 Social Discovery


X1 Social is a preservation, collection, and analysis tool that allows social media to be obtained in a legally defensible manner while preserving the chain of custody. Data is presented in a searchable format for use in critical case needs, providing partners with a valuable option for increasing social media and internet data discovery capabilities.Learn more about X1 Social Discovery.

More Information: www.X1/Social-Discovery.com

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Processing & ECA

CloudNine LAW is a Swiss Army knife for eDiscovery processing. Its multi-functional capabilities are a leader in the industry for flexible processing imaging and endorsing capabilities. Learn more on the CloudNine website.

More Information: www.CloudNine.com

eDiscovery Assistant

Research Plugin

eDA is the only eDiscovery case law database and resource center for attorneys and legal professionals. Designed by practicing eDiscovery attorneys, eDA curates case law, rules, checklists, and forms that deliver on-demand, practical knowledge to give litigators and the professionals that support them the ability to get up to speed quickly and credibly.

Learn more about eDA: www.ediscoveryassistant.com

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Matter & Project Management

Lexi is a full-featured management application purpose-built for service providers and litigation support departments. Ticketing, invoicing, dashboards, and administrative tools are all built on Relativity so it’s scalable, flexible, and familiar.



This suite of tools is specifically designed to manage the data-related tasks like load files, quality control of productions, batch printing, imaging native files (tiffing), and OCR. Learn more about ReadySuite.

More Information: www.Compiled.com/ReadySuite

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Media Shuttle


Media Shuttle is the next generation of file transfer technology from software creator Signiant. Media Shuttle outdoes Aspera in terms of speed, reliability, and customization options. Learn more about Media Shuttle.

More Information: www.Signiant.com/Media-Shuttle

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Relativity Plugin

LSI (Linguistic Systems, Inc.) has six levels of optimized solutions with rapid turnaround and easy ordering of high-quality translations. Get point-and-click access to sixty-four language pairs with language detection, plus over fifty more languages available.

More Information: www.Linguist.com

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