Oasis Government Cloud

The Oasis Government Cloud (OGC) is designed for federal and state agencies with an emphasis on protecting their information while providing flexible, fast, modern storage and computing solutions. All Oasis cloud solutions are highly secure and built on privately owned, scalable, enterprise-grade hardware.

Compliant cloud solutions like the OGC create opportunities for smarter, higher-performing systems:

  • Legacy infrastructure and applications become scalable, compatible, and cost-effective
  • Power and storage resources are consistently available and easily manageable
  • Sensitive workloads are sufficiently protected and accessible to authorized persons

Government Cloud Solutions

Virtual Private Cloud

VPC is the answer for government agencies in need of quick-to-deploy resources and adaptable storage space. Virtual private cloud harnesses the full potential of cloud in a virtually isolated environment: resources scale up and down with you, perform reliably under your control, and leverage the cost efficiency of shared infrastructure.

Maximum cost efficiency

Fast deployment

No hardware management

Easy integration with cloud solutions

ITAR environment available

Remote hands/chain-of-custody data handling

Lowest carbon footprint

Virtual Private Cloud with Dedicated Resources

VPC with Dedicated Resources provides dedicated hardware and virtual resources to agencies requiring flexibility in their configuration and complete physical isolation. An allotted amount of private resources are consistently available for hosting business-critical applications, storage, spinning up VMs, and more. This private instance includes rapid deployment of new hardware as needed, ensuring a highly scalable dedicated environment.

Projected cost and allocated resources

Resources available at 99.99% uptime per SLAs

Physical separation increases privacy

More capabilities with custom configuration

Infrastructure is managed securely by Oasis

Remote hands/chain-of-custody data handling

ITAR environment available

Private Cloud

Private Cloud offers the ultimate level of control in how agencies choose to use cloud resources. Self-contained, dedicated physical servers are rented to house pre-sized, configuration-ready units. Install different operating systems, create additional hosts, and more in an instant.

Maximum customization capabilities

Projected cost and allocated resources

Moves with the speed of your team

Resources available at 99.99% uptime per SLAs

Rapid deployment of more dedicated hardware

ITAR environment available

Remote hands/chain-of-custody data handling

Secure & Compliant Government Cloud Technology

Oasis cloud solutions are compliant to meet the operating requirements of government agencies. Our compliance is automatically inherited by all clients to save them time, budget, and ensure security. Granular levels of security are available through access levels, keys, folder-level permissions, secure data partitioning, and more.

  • ISO 27001 (Information Security Management)
  • ISO 27017 (Safe and Secure Cloud-Based Environments)
  • ISO 27018 (PII Protection in Cloud-Based Environments)
  • ITAR and EAR Compliant Workflows available
  • FIPS 140-2 Validated Cryptographic Modules
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Data centers are PCI DSS Compliant
  • Data centers are SOC 2® Type 2 (Physical and Environmental Security)
  • Cyber Essentials Plus (Cybersecurity Protection, UK)
  • G-Cloud 12 Framework (Public Sector Cloud Computing Services, UK)
compliance and security badges

Capabilites with the OGC

Move legacy systems to the cloud
Develop and maintain applications
Get infrastructure management and planning support
Make changes with remote hands
Use compliant storage for sensitive information
Follow chain-of-custody media handling
Backup and restore critical data
Secure remote work with CertainIDâ„¢
Manage resources and applications
Reduce the cost of IT operations


Public Cloud Providers

Network Core Bandwidth
40 Gbps
10 Gbps
VM Bandwidth
10 Gbps
5 Gbps
Standard Uptime SLA
Max Upload File Size Limiters
No limit
160 GB
Encryption At Rest & In Transit
TLS 1.2, FDE using AES-256
TLS 1.2, FDE using AES-256
Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
5 minutes
4 hours
Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
4 hours
24 hours
Support Response Time SLA
4 hours
24+ hours
System Snapshots (Backups)
Not Included
Security Monitoring
Not Included

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