Infrastructure Designed for eDiscovery

eDiscovery puts special demands on not just hardware, but the people that support it. Oasis provides fully managed infrastructure solutions specifically built for the rigorous demands of applications like Relativity.
In addition to optimizing the hardware and security layers, we handle the maintenance, upgrades, and troubleshooting for your applications. Your team’s technology will work like it’s supposed to–100% of the time.

High Performance Hardware

Oasis hosts environments in a purpose-built private cloud that guarantees near-perfect uptime and limitless scalability. Our hardware footprint consists of privately owned infrastructure sourced directly from industry leaders like HPE, Dell, and Cisco. We select and implement hardware that's specifically optimized for the unique requirements of eDiscovery: intense I/O, zero tolerance for latency, real-time data replication, rapid expansion/retraction of storage requirements...just to name a few.

Internationally Recognized Certifications

You don't have to take our word for it; these internationally recognized certifications represent our commitment to the highest standards in data privacy and security.

The Private Cloud You Control

We can do what the big guys can, without putting you in a box. Control your own private cloud and customize it to fit your needs. Your data will live safely on privately owned servers in some of the world’s top data centers, managed by our close team of industry veterans.

World-Class Data Centers

Your data will be virtually and physically locked down in our data centers with layered protection: 24/7 monitoring by the team at Oasis, our third-party SOC, and next-generation antivirus software.

With locations in the US and UK, our data center partners have been rated as some of the most advanced data centers in the world for exceeding standards in security, performance, and environmental management.

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Managed Services

Configuring and deploying infrastructure solutions is only half the battle; the other half is keeping everything running like it’s supposed to. In addition to world-class security and IT experts, our team includes certified administrators in all the main eDiscovery technology. We operate the largest multi-tenant Relativity environment in the world and support fully scaled environments for applications like Nuix and Brainspace.

This, along with managing our other IaaS clients, gives us a serious advantage when it comes to optimizing your environment. We live in the world of legal technology all day, every day. 

Hybrid Options

It’s simple: buy your own or rent ours. Whatever you need, we’ll build a custom infrastructure solution guaranteed to simplify your legal technology.

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based environment while still adhering to the security requirements of your most sensitive customers, we can create a fully dedicated private cloud environment only for you. Use your own software or complement it with ours. We’ll still manage the day-to-day stuff, but you’ll have full control of your private cloud.

We also have the Oasis cloud: turnkey entry into our own private cloud environment, which holds the top eDiscovery applications you need, while only having to pay for what you use. Enjoy full administrative control and use of the applications, all without the burdens associated with bringing the technology in-house.

A Partner You Can Trust

We’ve been doing this for a long time and have earned ourselves a reputation in this industry. Oasis is a curated team of industry veterans with years of experience behind them in development, system architecture, information security, and more. We know this stuff inside and out, and we’re here to back you up every step of the way.

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