Q1 2021 Headliners

Spring is here and things are slowly starting to pick back up in the world of eDiscovery. Here are the biggest things from this past quarter that we don’t want you to miss.

A Game Changer for Privilege Logs

Creating privilege logs is expensive and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be anymore. Our Suite of Technology offers the latest version of H5MA (2.7.3) which introduces a Privilege Log Builder Module. The builder improves and optimizes the workflow by including a customizable and reusable template that allows you to carry them from case to case. The H5MA Privilege Analytics algorithm identifies potentially privileged documents with customization options for privilege reasons, name normalization outputs, and field manipulation—all through the user interface in Relativity—streamlining the process from beginning to end. Say goodbye to Excel and overlays; now it’s possible to quickly, efficiently, and collaboratively create privilege logs directly within Relativity or RelativityOne.

Q1 2021 Headliners

Understanding Emojis

Emojis have become a huge component of the way we communicate today. That’s why it’s important we’re able to analyze them properly to understand their usage, meaning, and context. The latest update to Brainspace in the Suite of Technology is just that—emoji analysis and display. They can now be shown in visualizations and are available in concept and keyword searches, and supervised learning. Next up…GIFs?

Q1 2021 Headliners

PII Protection in the Cloud

A cloud environment has its own security needs; those of which are even more rigorous when the cloud environment holds personally identifiable information.

ISO 27018 is an internationally accepted certification that recognizes proper privacy and security guidelines for protecting PII in the cloud. We achieved this certification recently to ensure our clients (and their clients) are protected. Learn more about this and other pertinent security certifications in our Buyer’s Guide to Security and Privacy Certifications.

To learn more about these new eDiscovery software features or our new security certification, contact us at info@oasisdiscovery.com.

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