An Analytics Comparison Guide

Like many other people in our industry, I fell into litigation support under the umbrella of Concordance followed by Relativity, and followed by adding Brainspace to the quickly growing list of software applications on the market. Immediately I found myself knee-deep in each tool: learning their features, customizing workflows, and presenting product demos. 

Through many years of evaluating tools via good and bad demos, a ton of manual reading, and performing industry intel I have gained a good sense of identifying the strong attributes each tool has to offer. This experience has given me a knack for effectively leveraging the software to create usable and meaningful workflows. Dare I say, it’s a superpower. 

Analytics has become a staple of eDiscovery technology and my “tech geek” passion. This comparison chart has been “in the making” for some time but never seemed to reach the finish line, before now. Sometimes all you need to add that extra layer of special sauce is a good team around you. The talented, high-caliber people that have joined Oasis and help make up our Technology Solutions team are a testament to the level of experience and skills which our team brings to the table. With the assistance of my peers, we were able to collectively bring this analytics comparison chart together for you. 

I know firsthand how learning a new tool can be a challenge and how leveraging its features to create custom workflows is another beast that must be tackled. This chart spans four tools and numerous features that are ever-changing to assist you in identifying the best options for your project needs. Be on the lookout for updates as the software changes and new analytics features become available.

If you have any feedback, want to chat about technology, or have something you think we should be scoping out, please reach out! We would love to hear from you.

An Analytics Comparison Guide
An Analytics Comparison Guide

Christine Porras

Director of Technology Solutions