Q2 2021 Headliners

Here are the biggest things from this past quarter that we don’t want you to miss.

New User Levels for WFA Security Challenges

Post-pandemic, many organizations are managing semi- or all-virtual operations, with a lot of uncertainty regarding how to keep distributed data safe. Because there are plenty of risks associated with working from anywhere, we recently created new user add-ons to directly address the issues faced by remote organizations.

  • PrivateSession: Created to protect sensitive data from ever leaving the secure data center environment. This add-on builds upon our standard user protection by adding application, website, and time restrictions, disablement of downloading, printing, copy/paste, and more. Data viewed by a user within a PrivateSession account creates a safety wall around data from being transmitted outside the security of the network
  • CertainID: This is the highest level of protection we offer. It includes all features of PrivateSession but adds on visual security features like biometric access verification, screen shutdown upon phone camera or bystander recognition, and a custom user screen watermark. User protection like this ensures compliance is being maintained regardless of who may be lurking over a user’s shoulder.

These new levels are ideal for remote review security and are available now. Contact us for more information on PrivateSession and CertainID.

ReadySuite Tackles SMF

In a recent article, we shared the evolution of eDiscovery technology and how eDiscovery has (or hasn’t) handled non-standard data types. Specifically, SMF (Short Message Format) and the ability to perform data manipulation for customized needs.

On May 26, ReadySuite released 7.1, presenting chat functionality with support for RSMF (Relativity Short Message Format). Now, users can open existing RSMF files to modify/create/export to new RSMF load files, all within ReadySuite.

This is just one application that has adjusted to handle new data types. What will come next?

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