Regular Expression Tool Wins in Relativity Developer Hackathon

This year was the 11th annual Relativity Fest and the very first Hackathon for Relativity Developers.

Our team of “hackers,” Jacob Dababneh, Edwin French, Jarrod Kimmel, Paul Wendt, and Eric Prince, won the People’s Choice award for their submission by creating a practical tool that enables end-users to extract patterns of text into Relativity Objects. It’s powerful yet simple­–it can be applied to PII, email addresses, URLs, code snippets, and more.

“YEET!” as the developers named it, (now formally known as RegEXtract) advances Relativity’s current text extraction capabilities, giving users a much more powerful text parsing tool directly within their Relativity workspace. By enabling users to identify and extract text matching a regular expression search and populating that information into metadata fields, users are able to take their Relativity workflows to the next level.

Here are just three things you can do using RegEXtract:

  • Identify and store PII (email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, credit cards, etc.)
  • Identify bates numbers in document text
  • Dynamically redact sensitive metadata for production

Congratulations to these guys for taking the initiative and putting in the thought, effort, and time needed to create such an enhancement. Not to mention, winning an award for their work!

See the award-winning tool in action here.

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