Q3 2020 Headliners

A few big things happened this quarter that we feel deserve another mention. Here’s a quick overview of each and why you’ll want to know about them.

Advanced Analytics Privilege Workflow (New in H5 Matter Analytics)

When creating privilege analytics, it’s clear that H5MA has considered all the fine details that go into creating a privilege review workflow from identification to log creation. That includes the exhausting, expensive, and time-consuming challenges we’re all familiar with:

  • Overly broad search term results
  • An abundance of false positive hits
  • Incomplete capture of necessary content
  • Manual audit and clean-up of privilege output
  • Inconsistent privilege reason tagging

Luckily, the privilege analytics workflow addresses each of these concerns directly. Now, you can achieve about 90% completion just by letting the algorithms of Matter Analytics do the heavy lifting for you.  

Q3 2020 Headliners

Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Collection

As a result of social media’s ever-growing presence in our lives (and in litigation), courts are unavoidably cracking down on the availability and defensibility of social data. So, what does that mean for those of us in the industry? It means that it’s become necessary to have an “eDiscovery approved” way to collect social media data.

Screenshots and PDFs no longer will suffice. That’s why we love X1 Social Discovery and recently brought it into our arsenal of software. Though it doesn’t directly integrate with Relativity, it’s not necessary for this type of data. X1 is easily accessible through an Oasis remote connection and from there, you can collect data from all the main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as webmail and even website content. Along with the results you’d expect to see from a collection, X1 also captures the metadata and generates hash values, allowing everything to be easily authenticated.

Q3 2020 Headliners

First Ever Hackathon

Just like, well, pretty much everything else this year, Relativity Fest went virtual. Along with the new format, we were also introduced to the first ever Developer Hackathon: nine teams competing to create the best Relativity add-ons.

Winners were announced in three award categories:

The Oasis submission was a custom regular expression pattern identifier that enables end-users to identify and extract patterns of text matching a regular expression search into dynamic Relativity Objects.

YEET! is simple but powerful: it can be applied to PII, email addresses, URLs, code snippets, and more. Our developers’ creation gives users a much more dynamic text parsing tool directly within their Relativity workspace. Way to go, guys!

Q3 2020 Headliners

Get more information on any of these by contacting info@oasisdiscovery.com. Stay tuned for our Q4 Headliners.