Oasis Announces Partnership with Reveal-Brainspace

The partnership adds advanced AI analytics capabilities to an unrivaled collection of eDiscovery processing, review, and analytics tools available in the Oasis cloud.

Oasis has partnered with Reveal, a leading provider of AI-powered eDiscovery software. Reveal will be available in Oasis’ suite of technology, a collection of eDiscovery tools and customized solutions. Backed by the most experienced team of data scientists in the industry, Reveal 11 provides comprehensive eDiscovery solutions for litigation and investigation all on one seamless platform. Uniquely available in the cloud or on-premise, the Reveal 11 integrated platform makes it easy for partners to access industry-leading processing, early case assessment, advanced AI, document review and automated data and visual analytics functionality. The intuitive user experience enables clients to manage data, control costs, and extract key insights all in one place.

Such features expedite the analysis of government investigations, data breach reviews, litigation, and other complex, sensitive matters with less risk and more certainty. “Reveal 11 is an innovative end-to-end solution that will offer our partners full-featured AI tools. Leveraging the new data insights these tools can provide will give our partners the opportunity to optimize and revamp existing workflows,” said Christine Porras, Oasis Director of Technology Solutions.

Oasis COO, Saleem Dababneh, stated, “We have a niche partner base that reaches service providers, and now they will have access to Reveal. The goal of our suite of technology has always been to provide our partners with the most comprehensive eDiscovery tools and workflows on the market, so it’s necessary for Reveal to be part of our technology suite.”

“We look forward to working with Oasis to integrate our comprehensive AI-powered eDiscovery solutions into their robust tech stack,” said Wendell Jisa, founder & CEO of Reveal-Brainspace. “Oasis partners will now have access to a broad range of advanced capabilities and workflows that can stand up to the current and emerging wave of data challenges.”

Users of Reveal 11 include law firms, Fortune 500 corporations, legal service providers, government agencies and financial institutions in more than forty countries across five continents. There are currently three Reveal-certified Geniuses on staff at Oasis to maximize the use of Reveal on projects large and small. For more information, please email info@oasisdiscovery.com.

View the official press release here.

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