The Future of AI Models

Many feel that AI (artificial intelligence) has become too intelligent—fearing it could remove the need for human involvement and completely take over jobs. While there may be some situational truths to those concerns, the reality is that human interaction with technology is—and will continue to be—valuable and necessary.  

In eDiscovery, the use of AI is typically found in predictive coding or active learning technology, which has given case teams a huge leap forward in the review stage. However, AI can’t work on its own. Technology like this needs human input to be trained properly. There will always be a need for humans to develop, program, and optimize the systems that back AI technology. All this is necessary not only for AI to exist but for it to provide any value at all.

Trustpoint Managing Partner, Kinny Chan, Lineal Chief Legal Officer, Jeanne Somma, and Oasis CEO, Brandon Law, discuss the future of AI models.

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