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Oasis has been providing behind-the-scenes support for some of the industry’s most notable vendors since 2012.

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eDiscovery software certified

Oasis has deep expertise in managing large multi-tenant instances of today’s leading technology. Our team holds a variety of software-backed certifications, plus accredited security and IT certifications to complement them.
Focus on what matters
We provide a solid foundation for managing your eDiscovery: servers, IT, support, security, and all the behind-the-scenes technology. Our experts manage everything so you can focus on your client-facing work.
We’re your team, extended
Our partners choose Oasis as a low-investment alternative to developing in-house capabilities or, in some cases, as a helping hand when internal capacity is exceeded. We fill gaps and enhance your team’s overall capabilities.
  • Custom development
  • Workflow guidance and creation
  • Security education and support
  • Experienced and responsive support
System administration at its finest
Our portal makes managing your Oasis and Relativity environment easy. Add users, create workspaces, manage archives, and view real-time performance statistics.
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Considering RelativityOne?
Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP compared five models for hosting in Relativity over a six-month period, rating for factors of cost, terms, available toolkit, IT burden, administrative control, support, and scalability. See which model they chose and why.
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We are happy to share pricing with potential partners, but we do not publish pricing on our website for one important reason: it’s unfair to our partners if their customers are aware of available wholesale costs. Our prices are set well below market generally 50-60% of the retail price so our partners can markup our services and enjoy wide profit margins on their projects.
Yes. We provide hosting services to clients who may work within technical and/or military industries, such as Aerospace Defense, where information may be subject to control under the EAR and/or ITAR. Our CISO leads collaborative efforts between teams to implement specific roles, policies, and procedures regarding access, data handling, and protective measures for all EAR and/or ITAR data.
Oasis uses a custom, tested, and repeatable process for migrations that minimizes the challenges typically associated with migrations. It has been used time and time again for multiple partners including international and Fortune 500 companies some with over 500 TB of data so you can trust our process. Read more details about our migration process here.
Our core is in Relativity, which can meet all of your review needs. Additionally, we offer the ability for clients to bring their own license to our suite. We can integrate it for you, creating efficiencies between tools and more.
Yes. Oasis has the ability to spin up locations around the world. Send a message through our contact form to let us know what you need.
Yes. Oasis offers a ‘Bring Your Own License’ model, which allows you to bring existing licenses into the infrastructure that we manage.

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