Data mining for breach response

We combine custom development, automation, machine learning, and tailor it to the data breach notification process. The results are faster, more accurate deliverables that better predict a breach’s impact and lessen its cost.

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Find the impact right away
Breaches present complex data challenges. While federal and state regulations loom, typical breach data mining vendors rely on manual processes that eat up valuable time and budget. We recognize the speed and accuracy required in the breach notification process, so we leverage our advanced, proprietary technology to automate traditionally slow and messy processes.
How it works
Early Impact Assessment
Forecast downstream cost with a 96% accurate estimate of data subjects, bulk data, and categories of PII/PHI.
Enhanced Culling And Analysis
Document population is reduced using advanced culling driven by machine learning.
Manual Review and Data Extraction
Sensitive information is manually reviewed and classified for each impacted individual.
Bulk Data Extraction
Custom workflows and automation are applied to extract, format, and normalize bulk data.
Mail-Merge-Ready Notification Report
A concise report provides one row per impacted individual, corresponding address, and verified PII/PHI.
Hosting and Data Purging
Breach data is hosted securely until a request is made for the data to be purged.

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