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At Oasis, we procure, secure and maintain legal technology for corporate legal teams, law firms and the vendors that support them. Our unique Platform delivers a custom suite of software in a fully-managed private cloud, providing access to leading eDiscovery applications in world-class data centers–all for a predictable monthly fee. How refreshing.

Our Mission

Our goal is to empower eDiscovery practitioners with the tools and support they need to make their process simpler and more efficient.

Instead of a managed services model, we believe in a self-service model, where the technical aspects of eDiscovery (software and infrastructure) are separated from the services delivered by project managers and other litigation support professionals. 

Consider Oasis your “back of the house.” We optimize the servers and keep the applications up to speed. We stay on the cutting edge of cyber security practices, and implement the latest advances in infrastructure management. On the software side, we maintain, integrate, and optimize the best applications in the industry. 

All of which frees you up to deliver value in areas like project management, consulting, and other legal services. 

Plus, we’re always on the lookout for the next killer app, and when we find it, we add it to our platform and make it available to our valued customers. 

Oh, and if you don’t have the team in place to handle the client-facing aspects of litigation support, Oasis supports a network of over 50 service providers with expertise in nearly every aspect of eDiscovery. Don’t worry, we got your back.

Our Story

Oasis has been building eDiscovery solutions for the legal community since 2012. We started with Relativity, added Brainspace in 2013, and continue to expand our software, infrastructure, and professional services offering each year.

Many know us as the “vendor to the vendors” because we got our start working exclusively with eDiscovery vendors and consulting groups. In 2016, we began building solutions for law firms and corporate legal teams, giving them direct access to cutting-edge legal technologies without the burden typically associated with bringing them in-house. 

Our team is made up of database administrators, IT professionals, developers, and subject matter experts at the intersection of eDiscovery, security, and infrastructure management. 

Meet the People Behind the Platform

These are the hardworking people behind the scenes that help to simplify legal technology.

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