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Oasis brings order to legal technology so that you can make a greater impact for your business. With a custom suite of eDiscovery applications in a fully-managed private cloud, you get the security, agility, and intelligence you need to make eDiscovery more efficient.

Customize Your Suite of Legal Technology

Choose from a menu of eDiscovery technologies to create a custom suite that fits your needs. Forget about licensing, deploying, or maintaining your tech. That's our job. We'll bring it all together into a fully-managed, fully-integrated platform.

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At Oasis, data protection and security is our highest priority.


Internationally Recognized Certifications - We’ve Got Your Security Covered.


Not only is your data protected, it's in safe, experienced hands.


Trust Your Data With Us

Oasis has deep roots in infrastructure management and cyber security. Our information security management system is designed to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organizations.

World Class Data Centers

Oasis data centers exceed the highest standards in design, environmental management and operational security, achieving some of the highest certification standards available.

Our Experienced Team

The Oasis team is made up of leading eDiscovery and legal industry specialists, including subject matter experts in hosting and processing platforms, information technology, infrastructure management and information security.


Overcoming Obstacles to Get the Business Intelligence You Need

Why have legal services remained largely immune from the march towards data-driven analysis and decision making? How can legal firms and corporations take control of their data when its dispersed to multiple vendors, using multiple data centers, and stored in multiple proprietary applications? Learn how you can make BI a reality.


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