About OasisGives


Each of us at Oasis feels both fortunate and grateful to work here. Not just at Oasis, but at this time, in this industry, with these people.
We’re fortunate to work at a time in history when working from home is not just possible, but optimal for the type of work we do. Every day, we get to spend more time with our loved ones, less time in traffic, and work with other talented people who do the same.
We’re grateful to work in an industry that has so much to offer: it provides us with challenging work that has real-life consequences, it’s resistant to economic downturns, and let’s face it, there’s good money in it. This industry has provided many of us with excellent career opportunities at the intersection of two emerging and important fields: technology and legal.
Oasis has been especially blessed. It hasn’t always been easy, but we’ve enjoyed a series of lucky breaks, many of which came from the help of others. We have experienced the kindness of others firsthand, which has put us in an amazing position. Now, we’re fortunate enough to be able to provide those lucky breaks for others that need them.
While it’s virtually impossible to count all of our blessings and we’re bound to take some things for granted, Oasis Gives is a constant reminder of the good fortune we enjoy and the opportunity we have to make a difference.
So, it’s in that spirit that we commit to giving our time and resources–as an organization and as individuals–to make things a bit better for others in our world, our industry, and our local communities.