Oasis Gives

When we come together and combine our resources, we can make an incredibly positive impact. Oasis Gives is focused on creating a culture internally that inspires people externally. We are serving causes bigger than just eDiscovery.

Volunteer Spotlight

Jeffrey Morales, Oasis Senior Solutions Engineer, shares his lifelong connection with The Lions Club in this Volunteer Spotlight.

1Mission House build

We are partnering with 1Mission, a community development organization, to build a house for a family in Mexico.

COVid-19 & Community

Oasis Gives was proud to host Stand-Up for Coronavirus: A Virtual Comedy Fundraiser for a sizable crowd in and outside the legal industry.


communities in schools

Connecting with the Community Through CIS

This month’s Volunteer Spotlight features Eric Prince, Oasis Technology Services Manager, and his volunteering journey with Communities In Schools (Renton-Tukwila).

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bonusly for work

Giving Back Without Going Out of Your Way

Unfortunately, whether it’s the physical limitations imposed by social distancing or creeping doubts that donations aren’t being put to good use, making a difference in the lives of others can be frustratingly difficult. We have an idea to help!

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jeffrey morales lions club president

Where There is a Need, There is a Lion

This month, we’re giving Jeffrey Morales, Oasis Senior Solutions Engineer, our Volunteer Spotlight to share his lifelong connection with The Lions Club.

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Oasis Gives

TO the causes that are closest to our heartS

We have the opportunity and responsibility to give. With a true passion and an inherent desire to help others, we created Oasis Gives as an avenue to connect those in need with those that need to give. We provide help (in whatever form it may take) to the causes that are closest to our hearts.

Oasis Gives