ISO 27017 Certification

Oasis Achieves ISO 27017 Certification for Cloud Security

Oasis is happy to announce that we are now ISO 27017:2015 certified, an international standard that aligns with and complements ISO 27002:2013 with an emphasis on cloud security-specific threats and risks. 

This certification provides additional guidance on 37 controls in ISO 27002 and features seven new controls not previously addressed by ISO 27002.

Oasis helps clients and partners meet their compliance requirements across a broad range of regulated industries and markets. This certification is more good news for our clients and partners, providing additional transparency and independent assurance that we follow this internationally recognized cloud security code of practice.

We’re committed to providing a compliant and secure cloud environment for our clients and partners. We have made massive investments in protecting client data–investments that you inherit when using our services–and we will continue to demonstrate this by continuing to attain certifications and keep our security capabilities up to date.

Contact if you would like a copy of our new cloud security certificate or have any questions regarding our newest certification or any other compliance requirements.