Knowing Your Value

The importance of knowing your value as a woman in eDiscovery

At the beginning of the year, our team was working hard to prepare our eDiscovery Unredacted panel discussions for LegalWeek 2020. We were tasked with creating discussion topics, and for years, I had wanted to start the conversation of women in eDiscovery. I knew this was my opportunity to gather a group of my colleagues and share our insights on the subject.

Leading up to LegalWeek, I had a series of revelations that helped me see that I was undervaluing my professional contributions. I met a strong woman who called out my insecurities and reminded me I had no reason to doubt myself. I read the book, Know Your Value–Women, Money, and Getting What You’re Worth by Mika Brzezinski, which called out the struggles women deal with in their careers, put on them by others and by themselves. I had a three-year-old girl at the time, to whom I wanted to show the best, strongest version of myself. All of these things seemed to hit me at the same time, and I knew I needed to start a conversation about women knowing their value in eDiscovery. I felt a call to action–this was a personal subject for me. I always assumed that the way I felt wasn’t shared by other successful women, which was isolating and untrue. Having these conversations in the open, with others who share your experience, helps you feel empowered. You need to realize the wealth of knowledge and expertise you bring to the table as a professional woman in eDiscovery.

The legal technology industry is a male-dominated field. Climbing the ladder of my career was an uphill battle (as it is for many women, I’m sure). I often felt like I needed to overcompensate. It was also a balancing act between being a mother, an employee, a partner, a friend, a daughter, a coworker, etc. It would have been an easier climb had I known my worth and was confident that I belonged just as much as anyone else.

I have met so many amazing women in my career. The women I invited to the panel come from all walks of life and in some way have made an impact on me during my career. I was fortunate and grateful that all of them accepted my invitation to have this open discussion with me. Our conversation hasn’t left my mind since; I have been applying things we’ve talked about every day for me and other women to feel the same connectivity, community, and encouragement. My hope is that this mindset and conversation continues on a larger scale. As women, we are fortunate to have each other to help provide the solid foundation our ladders need to stand on. If we can, we’ll hold the ladder, so it can be climbed easier and with less wobbling.

This is our first women’s panel discussion video (with more to come) as part of our ongoing eDiscovery Unredacted video series covering topics from legal tech to information security.

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Knowing Your Value

Christine Porras

Director of Technology Solutions