Taking Brainspace to the Next Level

Rolling out initiatives to level up Brainspace at Oasis  

At the core of the Oasis Suite of Technology sits Brainspace, the market leader in advanced data analytics. The application provides relationship identification breakdown, conceptual searching, related document clustering, and robust data visualizations that enhance the ability to find hidden trends and crucial case material. And, of course, the cluster wheel.

Taking Brainspace to the Next Level

Here’s what we’re doing to take Brainspace to the next level:

  • Knowledge Base. We created an online resource for our partners that includes training material, videos, sales guides, release notes, and more. We will also add new materials to the Knowledge Base as they become available and will be releasing the link privately to partners in our Insights email newsletter.
  • Enhanced Support. We increased the size of our development team to provide valuable support and ensure we are able to knock down any challenges we encounter. Our larger team allows us to further enhance the performance of Brainspace directly.
  • Custom Development. Our expert development team continues to build unique customizations. We have created workflows and plugins that enable the use of product from previously completed work sessions. This and other customizations provide our partners with the most versatile and intelligent legal software available.
  • International Support.  We have expanded our footprint to the United Kingdom, making Brainspace–as well as other tools in our Suite of Technology tools–available in Europe. We have opened a new data center in London and our fully distributed team now includes members located across the pond.

We have been proudly working with Brainspace for more than seven years and we continue to leverage our knowledge of the application through custom development and educational resources. The enhancement of this tool (and others) is a continuous priority for Oasis as the needs of the legal industry and eDiscovery continue to evolve.