H5 Matter Analytics® Has Arrived

Featuring email threading, PII identification, and enhanced metadata

Oasis, a prominent provider of legal technology platforms, today announced that they have added H5 Matter Analytics® to their product offerings. H5 Matter Analytics is a Relativity®-integrated application created by H5, a leading provider of eDiscovery and technology-assisted review products and services.

Oasis routinely evaluates the most innovative technologies that will drive value to their clients as law firms and legal departments increasingly embrace new approaches and technologies in an effort to increase efficiencies and decrease costs.

H5 Matter Analytics provides several advanced analytics functions for Relativity-hosted data, empowering users with solutions that have been developed and battle-tested in H5’s services business—such as next-generation email threading, near-duplicate identification, name normalization and a new linguistics-based approach for PII data identification—to maximize user control over the review process, saving time and money.

Oasis hailed the “rock-solid accuracy” of the threading technology, the integration of an AI-driven PII identification functionality, enhanced metadata to supplement image-based files, and the superior user experience within Relativity as the primary drivers for offering the product on their platform.

“For most users, analytics is synonymous with email threading, a fact that is routinely ignored by virtually every software company in our space,” said Oasis Discovery CEO, Brandon Law. “This is the first product I’ve seen in a long time that truly starts with the end-user in mind. The fact that H5 Matter Analytics was developed by a well-respected service provider gives it a tremendous advantage. You can tell immediately that it was designed by experts that use it daily.”

“Oasis delivers the best and most cutting-edge technologies as a part of their platform, ensuring their customers have the right solutions to help differentiate their own offerings,” said H5 Vice President of Products, Jason Richard. “We’re excited to have Oasis make H5 Matter Analytics available on their platform to bring an evolution in email content review as well as differentiated capabilities for tackling the emerging challenges of data privacy and cyber breach incident response.”

H5 Matter Analytics is a commercially available software application developed by H5, offered both as a part of H5’s services and as a licensed application within a customer’s own Relativity environment. For more information about H5 Matter Analytics, click here.

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