Enhancing Our eDiscovery Suite with AI Technology from Relativity

It’s common knowledge that Relativity leads the way in AI-assisted document review and text analytics technology in eDiscovery. Its workflow efficiency, project management capabilities, and defensible results are unmatched.

That’s why we’ve added Analytics to our Relativity 11 offering, which means all Oasis clients now have access to eDiscovery’s most advanced text analytics and machine learning solution.

CEO Brandon Law said, “Relativity has been a great software partner over the years and this move further solidifies our relationship. Relativity’s commitment and advocacy for the use of AI in the legal field has led to widespread adoption of analytics throughout the space. It’s no coincidence that their technology is the most advanced of its kind.” 

With Analytics already fully integrated into RelativityOne, this addition means that all clients have the option of selecting Relativity 11 or RelativityOne without limitation on the use of analytics functionality: email threading, textual duplication identification, language identification, categorization, continuous active learning, and much more.

VP of Engineering and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning at Relativity Greg Ball said, “Oasis is an excellent Relativity partner and we continue to appreciate their level of expertise and dedication to the growth and development of our software offerings. We are delighted that Oasis will be championing AI capabilities and look forward to the continued success of our partnership.”

Read the official press release.