Evaluating 5 Hosting Models for Relativity

It’s an age-old problem: insource or outsource.  In the world of legal technology, the million dollar question (and yes, it is usually a million dollar decision) is whether firms and corporations should take the burden of supporting their organization’s eDiscovery using in-house resources or to outsource it to the dozens of eager service providers waiting for a chance to please. 

This case study follows the journey of a mid-sized, Denver-based law firm, Davis Graham and Stubbs (DGS), as they evaluate their options to insource or outsource.

Using a thoughtful, organized approach, the firm’s CIO, Chad Ergun:

• Evaluates and characterizes the firms priorities
• Describes the marketplace of potential solutions
• Details a useful “Scorecard” system to clarify information
• Delivers his expert opinion and analysis

Ultimately, DGS chose Oasis, which is why we’re so excited you are here to learn more about the process. Download your copy of the case study to learn more about how DGS completed their evaluation.  

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