Consolidate, Simplify, and Streamline Your eDiscovery Technologies.

Oasis is a breath of fresh air for corporate legal teams looking to implement consistent workflow, gain better control of their sensitive data and leverage institutional knowledge. And since you control the technology, you'll have unprecedented insight into your eDiscovery budget. How refreshing.


Simplify Your Process and Secure Your Data.

Between multiple outside counsels, a variety of vendors, numerous applications, and way-too-many data centers, organizations with serious levels of litigation tend to have a lot of cooks in the kitchen. Oasis streamlines the eDiscovery supply chain to remove complexity, risk, and cost through the simple power of consolidation. With Oasis you can:

  • Secure all of your data in a unified platform, with fewer access points.
  • Keep redundancies in check.
  • Optimize the efficiency of your legal team.
  • Ensure a predictable, repeatable work product.

Get eDiscovery Costs Under Control.

Controlling the cost of eDiscovery is difficult. But it's a lot easier with Oasis. We provide a unified dashboard that helps you monitor the costs of eDiscovery in real-time, giving you more insight, transparency, and cost control than ever.

  • Monitor costs, at the matter level, in real time.
  • Have direct access to data volume, location and project status.
  • Ensure billing consistency across matters.

Adopt Smarter Workflows.

The Oasis Platform unites outside counsel, internal legal teams and service vendors under a single technology suite, enabling all parties to collaborate in a singular streamlined process. Applying processes, insights, and work product consistently across the board advances the way your team works together. With our proprietary, web-based collaboration tool, you can:

  • Improve collaboration with internal teams, outside counsel and vendors.
  • Deliver full administrative control over all your cases.
  • Enable the reuse of work product across matters.

The All-in-One Platform that Makes eDiscovery Economical

Bring It All Together

Oasis offers a suite of eDiscovery applications hosted within a private cloud. This fully-managed solution provides you with flexibility and simplified operations.

  • Tap into long-standing expertise in legal technology.
  • Curate and procure the best technology for your team.
  • Manage litigation support infrastructure in a highly-secure private cloud.
  • Offload upgrades, maintenance, and training.

Scale Smarter Using Relativity

Oasis provides a first-class hosting environment for those who want to leverage the scalability and flexible API Relativity as part of an overall information management strategy. 

  • 99.9% uptime guaranteed. 
  • World-class servers support millions of documents and hundreds of reviewers. 
  • Access Early Case Assessment solutions, including high-volume data processing, advanced analytics and data culling. 

Enrich Your Relativity Experience

With LEXI - a project management tool specifically designed for eDiscovery - you empower your entire in-house legal teams, outside counsel, and service providers with a shared platform to:

  • Communicate instructions. 
  • Share status updates.
  • Track costs to each individual matter. 
  • Gain unprecedented real-time insight into everyday legal matters.

Tap Into Professional Services

We're here to help with a full roster of subject matter experts (SMEs) to supplement your team. To advise. To train. To enhance your eDiscovery capabilities. You'll receive expertise in:

  • Legal Operations, including design and implementation. 
  • Vendor selection and RFPs. 
  • Staffing for profitable eDiscovery
  • Workflow design and best practices. 
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They Trust Us

“As an early adopter of our technology, Oasis has been a valuable partner for a long time now. Their understanding of technology in the eDiscovery space has been a great asset for our team.”

- Dave Copps | Founder, CEO Brainspace

They Trust Us

“We’re proud to count Oasis as a partner, and one we’ve been collaborating with for many years. They do great work for their customers, and we’re excited to shape the future of eDiscovery with them.”

- Andrew Sieja | Founder, CEO kCura

They Trust Us

“Our firm is focused on delivering deep insight and high-value advising services to Fortune 1000 firms around the globe. Partnering with Oasis has given our clients a more comprehensive solution. And, it allows us - our internal team of lawyers - to remain focused on the legal work that we do best.”

- Jerri B. | Global Consulting Firm

They Trust Us

“We chose OASIS because they presented us with a cost-efficient, flexible solution for our business. This gave us access to a platform of technology that, frankly, would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build on our own. We’ve partnered with Oasis on over 100 matters over the last 5 years, and they have proven themselves again and again.”

- Kevin P. | eDiscovery Service Provider

They Trust Us

“When we moved the hosting of our data and applications from in-house to the Oasis platform, the transition was seamless. We now have more tools at our disposal, and more flexibility to use specialized service providers. And it has made our processing and hosting services costs more predictable.”

- Robert W. | CIO AMLaw 100 firm.


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