TotalDiscovery and Oasis Announce Relativity Integration

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TotalDiscovery and Oasis Announce Relativity Integration to Provide Seamless Legal Hold, Collection and Processing Capabilities to Clients

Denver, CO--August 16, 2018—Relativity clients, including corporations, law firms and government agencies, will now be able to access legal hold, preservation and collection capabilities through an integration between TotalDiscovery, a Catalyst company, and Oasis Discovery. Total Discovery is a leading legal hold and data collection software provider. Oasis provides e-discovery technology, including Relativity, to corporations, law firms and e-discovery service providers.

The integration will enable Oasis to offer an integrated legal hold, preservation and collection service to its clients, covering the core of the e-discovery process--from legal hold and identification through collection, processing, search, analytics, review and production. Oasis and its large network of e-discovery service providers will now be able to use TotalDiscovery to manage tasks related to issuing and tracking legal holds, data preservation, forensic collection, processing, and early case assessment.

The integration of legal hold and collection capabilities will allow Relativity clients—whether through Oasis or TotalDiscovery’s channel partners--to maximize both tools in a seamless, more cost-effective way for their corporate legal department and law firm clients by eliminating manual processes. With the combination, Oasis and its clients will benefit by automated processes for transferring large amounts of data between tools, including automating download, upload and load file management processes as well as the push of responsive documents into Relativity for review and analysis.

 “Oasis is the perfect partner to bring together two best-in class technologies and create an automated way to transfer preserved and collected data from TotalDiscovery to Relativity,” stated Scott Nichols, Senior Vice President of TotalDiscovery. “Our clients are looking for an integration solution for managing discovery, and we are excited to work with Oasis to help achieve that vision.”

“We are excited about our partnership with TotalDiscovery and opportunity our clients now have to close the divide between the left and right side of the EDRM,” said Brandon Law, CEO of Oasis. “The ability for us to automatically transfer data and work product from TotalDiscovery into Relativity represents a powerful shift in our ability to support our clients’ needs for a seamless, full-EDRM solution.”

About TotalDiscovery, A Catalyst Company

TotalDiscovery, a Catalyst company, is a highly secure, legally defensible cloud application used by corporations, law firms and government agencies to manage the complex requirements of document preservation and discovery. The software provides enterprise-class features and streamlined integrations to corporate data sources and systems to simplify legal hold management, data preservation and collection. To learn more, visit www.totaldiscovery.com.

About Oasis Discovery

Oasis Discovery procures, secures and maintains legal technology for corporate legal teams, law firms, and the vendors that support them. Its unique platform delivers a custom suite of software in a fully managed private cloud, providing access to leading eDiscovery applications, in world-class data centers, for a predictable monthly fee. For more information, contact info@Oasisdiscovery.com or visit www.oasisdiscovery.com.

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TotalDiscovery and Oasis Announce Relativity Integration


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