With New Site Launch, Oasis is Refreshing Legal Tech

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Torrance, CA, Release: June 28, 2018. For immediate release

Oasis, the all-in-one platform for legal tech, launched a new website to help corporate legal teams, law firms, and eDiscovery vendors focus more on their business, and less on the complexities behind data security and litigation support. 

“With this new site, we’re going to show eDiscovery practitioners how simple, secure, efficient, and economical their legal tech can be,” said Brandon Law, Oasis Founder and CEO. “We’re already ahead of the pack in private cloud for eDiscovery thanks to our extensive work with leading service providers. Now we’re expanding our offering by adding new technology partners, opening a new data center, and publishing a new blog.”

While the new Oasis blog creates a central hub for news, views, and solutions across the world of legal tech, the site also showcases a menu of best-in-class eDiscovery applications, and offers visitors the opportunity to request a personal demo of technologies.

“Between infrastructure, data security, and software licensing, eDiscovery technologies keep getting more difficult to manage, leaving many who bring it in-house to regret it. We think legal technology deserves a refreshing new voice, and this new site is built to bring clarity and insight to eDiscovery practitioners everywhere,” said Law. 

For more information, visit the new website at www.oasisdiscovery.com. And for more on the Oasis platform and eDiscovery applications, visit www.oasisdiscovery.com/platform.

Oasis procures, secures and maintains legal technology for corporate legal teams, law firms, and the vendors that support them. Its unique platform delivers a custom suite of software in a fully managed private cloud, providing access to leading eDiscovery applications, in world-class data centers, for a predictable monthly fee.

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With New Site Launch, Oasis is Refreshing Legal Tech


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