Oasis Discovery Supports a Murder Mystery Charity Event

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New York, NY, Release: September 28, 2018. For immediate release


Murder in the Manor event to be held to aid Life Preservers Project’s fight against human trafficking.

“Support a world free of slavery.” – Life Preservers Project 


Today, Oasis Discovery announced its support of the October 18th event, Murder in the Manor, benefiting Life Preservers Project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit art collective founded by Shana Pederson and Eric Ramos.

With the help of Oasis Discovery and other top legal service providers, and anticipated by patrons of the arts and history enthusiasts, Murder in the Manor will be a memorable event for all while generating valuable funding.

“The mission of Life Preservers Project is to collaborate with artists and like-minded organizations to increase awareness and raise much-needed funds to eradicate human trafficking,” said Mike Quartararo, Executive Director of Life Preservers. “Thanks to the generosity of organizations like Oasis Discovery and each of the sponsors of this event, we come one step closer to our goal of providing support and services to the thousands of human trafficking victims exploited in the US every day.”

murder mystery charity event

Enjoy appetizers and an open bar while you take in immersive murder mystery theater in one of New York’s most exclusive private social clubs. A National historical landmark, The Players’ Gothic-revival Clubhouse is an ideal location for a night of suspense.

Suspects will be hanging out throughout the manor, waiting for you to uncover 7 clues in each of the 7 different rooms. Speak with the characters to find your answers!

Hint: Easily spot one of the many mysterious characters by remembering which famous American author said this: “There are few things that are so unpardonably neglected in our country as poker.”

In addition to Oasis’ sponsorship, the following legal technology and service providers are also sponsoring this event:

The Murder in the Manor event is supported by the following legal industry associations:

Purchase your event tickets or make a donation to Life Preservers Project at this web address:

For more information on The Players visit:

Life Preservers Project was founded in 2009 and has been supported by top technology and service providers and legal industry associations for almost 10 years. Learn more about Life Preservers Project here:

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Oasis Discovery Supports a Murder Mystery Charity Event


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